Sparkle SWF Desktop

Sparkle SWF Desktop 1.0

An easy-to-use, wizard-like tool to create wallpapers from your SWF videos (See all)

Sparkle SWF Desktop is an interesting video converter that creates animated wallpapers out of any SWF Flash movie. It is probably the easiest way of making part of your desktop those web-based videos you downloaded from the Internet. The resulting wallpaper can be packed as a convenient self-executable file for easy distribution.

The conversion process is as simple as it can be, while allowing for a high level of customization. Thus, you can decide where in your desktop you wish to place your video, its dimensions, the quality level, and even a background color – for those videos that cannot fit the screen without suffering a terrible loss of quality. You can also determine how the wallpaper will behave once activated – auto play, continuous play (loop), etc.

Packing your newly created wallpaper is probably one of the most attractive features of Sparkle SWF Desktop. Here you can create a neat self-executable file that will let you share your wallpaper with anyone, a feature that can also be seen as an excellent business opportunity, especially interesting for your publicity department. These installers can be fully personalized with your own copyright notice, icons, images, etc. You can even throw in additional files into the package, which the recipient can then open or install following your instructions. The possibilities that this conversion tool opens for your business are unlimited.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Wizard-like creation process
  • Creates high-quality animated and image-based wallpapers
  • Preview functionality available


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